Kick-off Monetizing Emotions

Kick-off Development Process for Clubs and Associations

Our Monetizing Emotions strategy workshop is a starting point for a strategic development process for clubs, leagues and associations. It helps you take your products and strategies to the next level.

In this one-day workshop, we analyse the three areas relevant to the success of your brand and product – EMOTION, VALUE and PATH – to lay the foundation for a more successful brand strategy. After intensive preparation, we will work with you to determine the focus of the workshop.

The kick-off process will be concluded with a comprehensive outcomes report.

The strategy workshop is aimed at decision-makers and designers from corporate management, sales and marketing. The duration is set at six to eight hours; the number of participants should be eight at most.

Take it to the next level!

EMOTION: Product strategy

  • Emotional differentiation of the product beyond the sports industry (brand promise: market coverage and identification of resonance fields for communication)
  • Analysis of market and target audience potential: which target groups are we currently reaching, and which potential target audiences have we not yet reached and why (market development potential, content strategies)
  • Media strategies (earned, owned, bought) and media cooperation
  • Venue strategies for optimising on-site experiences (brand experience)

VALUE: Pricing strategies

  • Potential analysis (sponsoring, hospitality, licensing)
  • Benchmarking
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Multi-optional pricing strategies

PATH: Sales strategy

  • Emotional sales strategies: How emotional is the purchase process (priming, semantics, addressing different emotional accounts)?
  • An evaluation of your sales pressure and quantity structure
  • Software-supported process optimisation