Sales Strategies

Intensive Workshop: Sales Strategies

People buy with their heart, not their head.

What strategies do you use to inspire your customers?

In the intensive workshop on sales-strategy you will learn how to create synergies from marketing and sales and how you can tap in to new potential using an innovative sales structure. This way, you will not only learn the basics of behavioural economics for the right negotiation strategy, but also processes and methods for establishing the correct sales funnel.

Should I begin negotiations with a high or low price? What types of buyers exist and what does that imply for my sales strategy? How are my prices perceived and how can I increase the value perception of my products? Which market am I operating in and what does this mean for the sales and pricing strategies of my products?

There are several facets to sales. That’s why we work with you in advance to analyse which workshop focus would best suit your needs. After that, we can develop an individual, personalised strategy.

Selling emotions!


  • Basics of communication
  • Sales psychology
  • Developing an efficient sales structure
  • Sales development
  • Digital solutions for sales pipelines


  • A workshop designed to meet your needs
  • a three to four-hour intensive workshop (in a creative environment, if requested)
  • Up to 12 participants
  • A follow-up call 6 months after the event
  • Available on request: a strategy outline with initial ideas and recommendations for action