Pricing Strategy

Intensive Workshop: Pricing Strategy

Prices are relative. In our intensive workshop on pricing strategies, we will use behavioural economics expertise to demonstrate to you how price expectations arise in the minds of consumers and explain the factors that affect price perception. Which pricing strategy is right for your company or product? How are product, pricing and sales correlated?

Should I begin negotiations with a high or low price? What types of buyers exist and what does this mean for my pricing strategy?

How are my prices perceived and how can I increase the value perception of my products? How can I use multi-optional pricing strategies to increase my profit and what role does dynamic pricing play in my market?

The pricing strategies workshop was developed specifically for executives and decision makers in the leisure, sport and entertainment industry. The workshop focuses on high-involvement products and designing ideal high-price strategies. On request, we can optimise your individual pricing strategy by implementing the results of the workshop.

Prices are relative!


  • Fundamentals of behavioural economics
  • Pricing psychology (behavioural pricing)
  • Setting and increasing prices
  • Pricing strategies


  • A workshop designed to meet your needs
  • A three to four-hour intensive workshop (in a creative environment, if requested)
  • Up to 12 participants
  • A follow-up call 6 months after the event
  • Available on request: a strategy outline with initial ideas and recommendations for action