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The better the experience, the higher the opportunities!

We advise brands, events, facilities and tourist destinations on how they can optimise their offers. Using our very own Brand & Venue Experience approach, we can effectively improve the appeal and profitability of tourist destinations, stadiums and arenas.

According to our philosophy of ‘the better the experience, the greater the possibilities’, we analyse your brand promise (brand experience) and venue experience and optimise them.

This consulting process will give you access to new target audiences and increase the profitability of your products and the experience they offer on various levels. Increasing visitor frequency and the length of stay are aspects of this optimisation process, as is the pricing strategy as well as the development of alternative product structures and revenue opportunities.


Venue Experience Consulting

Venue Experience Consulting

Using comprehensive experience value analysis, we can identify the potential in existing offer structures and create the basis for increasing profitability. In addition to insights into target audience, visitor flows and the efficiency of individual product modules, brand-specific considerations (differentiation and positioning) also contribute to the optimisation process. This all results in a distinct agenda aimed at enabling sustainability and increasing the profitability of your destination/stadium.

Kathrin Geller

Projektleitung Venue Experience Consulting

Sports Destination Alliance

Steilpass instigated the Sports Destination Alliance, a network of professionals in the disciplines of brand and strategy, real estate and destination development, as well as process optimisation, visitor experience, project management and planning.

The aim of the alliance is to develop stadiums into year-round destinations by linking sport, entertainment, business and other uses. The profitability of a stadium is optimised at various levels. From the development of additional utilisation potential for the immediate stadium area to the integration of the spatial environment. This makes clubs less dependent on sporting success and more competitive in business.

The Sports Destination Alliance is an association of experts who can offer unrivalled comprehensive and collective expertise in this market. We have the experience and tools to provide arenas, stadiums and leisure facilities with an economically secure foundation. With an integrated planning approach and tried and tested methods, we work with both new stadiums and existing sports facilities.

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