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Inspiring Marketing Communication

The ‘homo economicus’ theory, used by economic theorists to portray humans as consistently rational beings, has long since been proven false. In reality, people buy with their heart, not their head. We are brand experience consultants specialising in inspiring brand communication.


We develop positioning and communication strategies that really move consumers. Inspiring brand communication sets the stage for a successful sales process.


Don’t just buy me, love me!

Get people to LOVE your product, not just BUY it. That’s what inspiring brand consulting is all about. But to achieve this, you really have to know what makes people tick and how consumers make decisions.

We have been developing, researching, testing, reading, rejecting and optimising methods and processes in our Brand Experience Lab at Steilpass since 2003, in order to create compelling and emotional brand communication. Based on behavioural economics research, we have spent 15 years developing our own EMOTION – VALUE – PATH brand strategy process.

To believe it, you need to feel it!


This is the essence of your brand and the creation of your very own distinctive brand personality.


This entails basic pricing strategies and considerations for product positioning as well as expert knowledge on pricing processes and how they are perceived.


This includes basic principles, strategies and structures for successful distribution as well as knowledge on efficiently interlacing sales and marketing.

Inspiring for businesses...