Behavioural Economics

Intensive Workshop: Behavioural Economics

In this intensive workshop you will learn about behavioural economic insights in an interactive environment. This workshop for decision makers and executives will immerse you in the complex mental landscapes of your customers, partners and employees. This knowledge provides a basis for daily action and decision-making – whether in marketing, sales or human resources.

How does priming work and how can your sales force benefit from it? What are the dangers of confirmation bias and why is it preventing your company from becoming more successful and innovative?

What are risk and loss aversion and how do they affect the success of your company?

What can you learn from game theory and what do these insights mean for your market? What methods can you use to eliminate confirmation bias and minimise risks?

The workshop is concerned with the most important insights from behavioural economics and opens up new perspectives and horizons for managers and employees.

What makes us tick! What makes us act!


  • Behavioural economics and striking experiments
  • RECOGNIZE – why we think what we think
  • DECIDE – why we buy what we buy
  • EXPERIENCE – why we experience what we experience


  • A list of questions concerning your brand before the workshop
  • A workshop with a specified focus, designed to meet your needs
  • A three to four-hour intensive workshop (in a creative environment, if requested)
  • Up to 20 participants
  • A follow-up call 6 months after the event
  • Available on request: a strategy outline with initial ideas and recommendations for action