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Dos und Don‘ts

We develop overall concepts and create a distinct brand emotionality that provides a crystal clear brief for visual design. These can then be used as blueprints for the graphic design process.

We can create a vision, identify commercial synergies and compose every aspect of the project to a big picture. This way, we can guarantee the best possible experience for your customer and an ideal monetisation strategy for you. Architects will then use these specifications for their design.

We can identify your brand's potential for differentiation and give it a tonality which can then be used as a guideline for designers in their work.

We conceive inspiring brand communication that appeals to the customer on an emotional level, so that they not only buy your product, but love it too.

According to our EMOTION – VALUE – PATH principle, we can take your brand's sales and price strategy to a new level instead of merely 'selling' an existing product.

We cannot predict whether event, sponsoring or classic advertising will best solve your problems. So in the initial stages of the strategy process, we approach your brand with an interdisciplinary view, well-established methods and an open mind. Working as closest partners, we'll find the solution together.